First Competition - Post & Win

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Tye Dagget
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Re: First Competition - Post & Win

Post by Tye Dagget »

1) Captain Tye Dagget (complete with Avatar, to celebrate the move to our new forum!)
2) The Reckless Venture (so named because she almost beggared her captain after he shelled out about 300m credits for her. It was worth every penny! Bought her at level 60 and she's still serving faithfully at level 81. :geek:
3) With the exception of crafting (which I discovered I am too impatient to pursue) and Mech fighting (usually to distracted by other in-game activities to do it) Dagget is a jack of all trades. I am close to having all my salvage certificates maxed and my settlement salvage yard fully upgraded and will be able to salvage alien vessels by the time I hit level 84, so I guess I will eventually be a Salvage Specialist!

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Re: First Competition - Post & Win

Post by Zaniah »

Captain Name: Captain Zaniah
Ships name: My hauler at the moment- Roaming Star
Favorite thing to do: Salvaging and combat. It's a good way to get random resources and 4th window loot to submol.

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Re: First Competition - Post & Win

Post by Strongwood »

Captain Strongwood
Currently in my ship Vertigo
I try to do a bit of everything that I can, but I like combat and salvage the most.

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Re: First Competition - Post & Win

Post by Rapa2k »

Captain Rapa2k
Currently doing combat.

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Re: First Competition - Post & Win

Post by alumoi »

1. Captain Alumoi
2. The Frying Pan v2, the best Ventris in this game
3. Bleeding Terovite out of those pesky AIs and, from time to time, making short work of those aliens.

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Re: First Competition - Post & Win

Post by Holiday »

last time i checked the cap name was... Holiday
ship name is Strange Smellin Ship, and that'd be 'cause I bought it off strange and the smell won't go away...
favorite thing to do is waking up the next day with a hangover and not remembering why I'm in Heliopolis with a cargo full of fashion clothing...
Founder of Tombstone in Tornsul
proprietor of The VP Mercantile
almost allways mostly sober...sometimes

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Re: First Competition - Post & Win

Post by Gnolmard »

Captain Name: Gnolmard
Ship Name: Marmoset
Favorite Activity: Giving my AI the closest thing it can have to a heart attack. Considering it seems to lack anything resembling a heart, at least that is my working theory, it can be a very challenging, yet satisfying adventure. Though it seems my AI's favorite activity is blaring the alarms, only to tell me I have no mail. Maybe I should let a few of those pirate crews board my vessel, rather than using my laser on them, just to see if they can take my AI off my hands or ship. So most of the time, I usually end up taking on a few pirates and seeing what kind of things I can get from their cold, lifeless hulls.

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Re: First Competition - Post & Win

Post by Ronin »

#1 I'm Capt. Ronin
#2 My ship is called the Odachi (大太刀) which is a Japanese sword
#3 I'm a Miner. It's what I do and it's what I am.

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Re: First Competition - Post & Win

Post by fjiekie »

Omnis Arcanum
hauling is my top career and then crafting, but it wouldn't be CE if i wouldn't do about everything :p
lvl 124 hauler
Fang-agent -- nemesis of the Shredd
Senior-worshipper of Coops and staff

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Re: First Competition - Post & Win

Post by Coops »

All Post Entries Up to THIS post have been awarded their PA and 5K Fuel Ticket.

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