Ashar, Wesbec and Starbases

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Ashar, Wesbec and Starbases

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Hello fellow spacefarers! It’s Gabby Newsome with the news you can use.

Well, we have some exciting news for all you Starbase owners and fans out there!

After a long “wait and see” period on how well Ashar and Wesbec would do on the new Starbases the testing phase is over!

Starbase owners will now receive earnings based on contracts from their Starbases, similar to the earnings settlements already receive.

Also, while they are still hammering out the details, the Union Passenger Office has finally determined that Starbases are viable and safe for Union travel offices. There are negotiations ongoing over infrastructure (Will the Union office provide a basic travel hub that can be built on by the Starbase owner, or is all infrastructure on the Starbase owner?). Negotiations are also taking place regarding contract pricing, amenities etc.

Starbase development has slowed to a crawl since authorities and government agencies are concentrating on the war effort. (There will be another article on that front soon).

I do have word that as the Starbase development and war development come closer together there will be exciting and rapid movement on both fronts.

This is Gabby Newsome, signing off.
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