Offical CE Sales - December

This section covers latest updates and changes within the game. Posts here are made by the Developers and if you only read 1 Section - make it this one!
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Offical CE Sales - December

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December - Noway! Errrr I'm not Ready! Here look at the shiny reindeer whilst I grab a bag of goodies and something nice and prep for the Festive Month. OK thats better - now where were we - Oh yes December!

That must mean giving the kitchen sink away and opening all the festive stops yes?

Let's start with Rudolph, Donner & Blitzen

These guys were added way back when the store was just a small affair. but they are as potent as ever. The thing to remember about these Account Upgrades is that they can ONLY be purchased from the 1st of December to the Close of play on the 7th of Jan! So if you never picked them up or are new here to Core-Exiles NOW is the time to go grab either one or both of the upgrades.


December sees a discount on lots and lots of things. With 696 products in the CE store now it's quicker for you to look than me to list them lol. But suffice to say lots of discounts, plus I'm continuing the 50% discount on certain major sections of the game store.

Discount Code
I've activated the December discount code - bit late today as I have been swamped in '1st of the month' tasks.
Enter the following code 'CEDECEMBER' on the contents of your basket prior to check out to get a 15% discount on its contents. Note that a few items that are not eligible for the discount MAY stop it being applied. Always check before leaving to go pay.

Resource Token
I'm continuing to add the Christmas Resource Tokens to the Store! Not only can you purchase them, but for every £25 in real funds you spend in the store we will give you one for Free!

Coops Upgrade Token
These are remaining in the Store. You can purchase Packs of 50 Coops Upgrade Tokens in the Store - Should you wish to support Core-Exiles. PLUS! for December just like the Resource Token I'm giving anyone that spends £25 or more in real funds 50 Tokens for free!

So spent £25 or more and get a Christmas Resource Token PLUS 50 Coops Upgrade Tokens!!! Both remain on your account year round in case you don't get to use them this year.

Ship Upgrades - Crazy Ivan Family Business!
I'm continuing the Buy one of their Upgrades and Get one Free this month. We had a number of players choosing last month as their 'Plan and Build a Player Made Ship'. So lets keep the Festive spirit and offer alive!

Buy One Get One FREE! (Your Choice)
For the month of December you can purchase any item from the list below (with real funds) and claim another FREE item from the list below for the SAME value!

Rather than being limited to selecting your Free item from the same Category, we are expanding the choice to ANY category listed below in the Buy one Get one Free. The second Item must be the same value or less than the primary item but can come from any of the categories listed.

Remember - Simply add the extra items you want into the captain's text when ordering.

Genesis Section
Ship Tokens
Ship Parts (SMC)
Expanse Extractors
Mining Barges
Adv Mining & Refineries
Genesis Facilities
BIO Implants
Mega Malls
Ship Systems

You can Find the Core-Exiles Official Store OVER HERE


As always I'm offering REWARDS for purchases over certain values.

Please NOTE: For the items like C.E.S. Extractors, Bio Implant Module and skill packs, you will need to LET ME KNOW what you want. I will not choose for you. Either add the captain in the captains' box provided when checking out, or drop me a line with the order Number and what you want after.


Spend £10 or More & Get the following:

2K Fuel Ticket
Festive Bonus Pack
20 X Festive Tokens
10 X 30% XP Booster Pack
4 X Festive Points Per £ Spent

Spend £20 or More & Get the following:
5K Fuel Ticket
1 X C.E.S Extractor
Festive Bonus Pack
1 X 50 Skills Point Pack (Excl Alien)
20 X Festive Tokens
10 X 30% XP Booster Pack
4 X Festive Points Per £ Spent

Spend £30 or More & Get the following:
10K Fuel Ticket
1 X C.E.S Extractor
1 X Bio Implant Module
1 X 50 Point Skill Pack (Excl Alien)
Festive Bonus Pack
20 X Festive Tokens
10 X 30% XP Booster Pack
4 X Festive Points Per £ Spent

Spend £40 or More & Get the following:
20K Fuel Ticket
1 X C.E.S Extractor
2 X Bio Implant Module
2 X 50 Point Skill Pack (Excl Alien)
Festive Bonus Pack
20 X Festive Tokens
10 X 30% XP Booster Pack
4 X Festive Points Per £ Spent

Plus 1 Christmas Resource Token AND 50 Coops Upgrade Tokens per £25 of real cash spent in the CE Store!
Please note these two items are only added for the Real Cash element of your purchase.

Those intending to Purchase PLEASE READ:

Please note: ALL Bonuses above unless otherwise stated must be for the payable balance after discounts & gift certificate payments. Also, note that payments made in Gift certificates are not valid for bonuses as these were/are applied when the Certificates are purchased.


* - 'Real Funds' means purchases paid for with actual monetary funding and not with Gift Certificates.
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