Christmas Resource Tokens

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Christmas Resource Tokens

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Hi there Fellow Exiles. I come bearing some news that should warm the soul of even the darkest Pirate Captains heart. This year I'm going to extend the Christmas Resource Token Service (C.R.T.S) and leave it open till Midnight on the 2nd of February.

This means you can exchange your Tokens (currently valued over 4 Million at Joes Prices) up till Midnight on that day. After that, any tokens remaining will be locked till next December.

Christmas Resource Tokens - For Sale
These will be for Sale in the CE store until Midnight on the 31st of January. We will continue to give them for spending £25+(in real money) as rewards just like we have through December and extend this through January as well.

Giving you the option to collect them as rewards for cash spends in the CE store or to actually purchase them directly.

Review the Christmas Resource Tokens OVER HERE

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