Improving Emporiums

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Improving Emporiums

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Thoughts on Emporiums (Emporia?).

Running a pair of busy emporiums selling my crafted goodies has shown up a few areas that could bear improvement.

Adding stock : It's quite a long-winded process adding items to existing stock if you want to avoid wasting lines on duplicated items. (Which you can see happens in some stores). Currently you have to remove all stock from the store, go to the store, select, then put it back with the new stock, reset the price and then repeat each time.

If we could have a similar system to Malls where you click on the item and it fetchs back the current stock in store then allows you to add as required in a few simple clicks would be nice.

Pricing : Currently, you have to set a new price every time you re-stock. On regular selling items it gets a pain both doing that and recalling your preferred price.

If we could have a 'Global Price List' where each time you add an item its price it is retained on this list, then future re-stocking will refer to that list and prompt you with your previous price point.

A further idea may be to draw and display the current low and high price for that item from the GEV so you can finesse your own pricing given current market rates.

Please add any ideas you may have to improve Emporiums.

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