cargo range limit for offers

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cargo range limit for offers

Post by Albatross »

I've been kicking this idea around a while, let's see if it flies. This would be an account upgrade for cargo hauling, possibly separate ones for the 3 carriers.

On occasion, you can spend a lot of time in Ashar/Wesbec refreshing to find a contract that works. This is especially bad for the final contract in a nearly-full cargo.

How about having a limit of cargo size on offers? Say a range of 400, 200 below your cargo capacity to 200 above -- maybe set the range by the maximum cargo size the person can be offered due to their faction rank.

1) if I have 800 capacity free, I'd see offers from 600 to 1000.
2) If I have 100 capacity free, I'd see offers from 80 to 300 (wesbec minimum 80 cargo)

The spread is wide enough that a captain wouldn't be guaranteed the cargo size they wanted in a single refresh. It would just cut down the offers that would be ignored and reduce the total refreshes.

It doesn't change the game standard that any player can do anything, but for a price you can do things faster / easier.

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Re: cargo range limit for offers

Post by Darakhoranon »

Maybe these could be used instead of (or maybe better yet, in conjunction with) those "galaxy filters"? I.e. you can either filter for target galaxy OR (general) packet size, respectively if you get the "advanced" filters/equipment, you can filter for both.

If crafting these "packet filters" required some harder to get resources, it could even make them (indirectly) interesting to players like me who don't really bother with those filters in the first place. And if it turned out these new filters were really sought after, it might even make sense for Coops to code a CE store version...
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