Which resources are the most valuable?

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Which resources are the most valuable?

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Just like everyone else, I've been giving a lot of thought lately to what resources are the rarest, or most valuable, or most useful. I have a love for spreadsheets, so I've spent days and weeks gathering data, and I thought I would share what I've found.

The first place to look for information about resources is the CE wiki entry on Resources: http://wiki.core-exiles.co.uk/Resources

If you're like me, you immediately sorted the very complete resource table by Main Source instead of alphabetically by name. Here are the categories I think are most valuable:

**SETTLEMENT LOOT. Unlike any other resource, these items are only found in drops from Settlement Combat (and, yes, in Buddy finds.) They can't be found at the Barter stores, and they are not on the complete list of Foundry resources. If you might be interested in making a Starbase some time this next year, I highly suggest using a CRT to pick up some Starbase Alloy and Starship Alloy! Generally, I'm happy to pay 10X Joe's prices for these resources when I need them.

**ALIEN RESOURCES. With persistence, you can find most Alien resources in combat and salvage. I have been unable to find these resources, though, in any form except Buddy drops: Alien Targeting System, Alien Power Crystal, Alien Neural Net, and Alien Antimatter. You can also add Alien Prism Device to the list because it requires an insanely high salvage rating to get. These are definitely a good buy for your CRTs, whether you need them for your crafting or you're looking to sell them for a profit. One caution if you are hoping to sell them for profit- so far they only seem to be in demand for crafting Expanse Settlement buildings, so finding a buyer for these might take a bit of time.

**COMBAT LOOT (Regular and A.I.) Combat loot is labor intensive to collect, and some of it will be in high demand. For example, Hi-Def Vid Screens, Entertainment Media, and Cure-All will all be in high demand for the new Starbases. I would also include QMG- Biologicals in that list. Biologicals are the only QMGs not available from Genesis plots, so it might be a smart move to either gather some up when you're salvaging (Cargo Hold, level 1) or spend a CRT and put it up in your store. I'm confident it'll sell before too long even at 5X Joe's price. For AI Combat, the most valuable resources seem to be AI- Cores, both Blue and Red. Among other things, they are needed for Corporation Specials, so they should fetch a good price.

What do you think? I'm sure there are a million opinions out there, most better-informed than my own. I invite your comments and criticisms.

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Re: Which resources are the most valuable?

Post by Marcus »

Usually the last resource i need to complete a build, any build. lol
I think some of the alien resources are harder to get, like alien common tech.

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