So whats going on in your Corporation?

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Re: So whats going on in your Corporation?

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I can't buy a license and I forgot the name of the corp it at system palham planet sassion
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Re: So whats going on in your Corporation?

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I did ask you to bug log this issue but as I was at a loose end this morning for an hour I've scoured your account reset any flags for Corporations and made sure there was nothing else missed.

So you should be good to go. In future though with issues like this can I ask that you bug log them then they don't get lost in 'I'll do that later', which is then forgotten.


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Re: So whats going on in your Corporation?

Post by Gruntok »

MarcSp wrote: Fri Jan 19, 2018 4:30 am Has something happened with Catlow? It used to offer a nice selection of short ( <2 hours) missions as well
as several longer (4-7 hour) missions. Now, I rarely see anything over 4 hours at all, and get tons of <1 hr missions
all the time. Highly annoying.
The bigger your hold, the shorter the mission time. I have a few Traders that can hold mmore than 300 cargo, so any hauling mission to let's say, descarte from palham, 8 minutes, 8 fuel.
If I have the time, I check the best credits per fuel ratio and select that mission, when I am off for the day or can't be around, just choose the better paying one.
In any case, you are limited on the time by the distance that the planets are away from your HQ.

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Re: So whats going on in your Corporation?

Post by Geistware »

Hey Coops, I saw this and wanted to know if you could make the level six corp office at the settlement a dispatch station instead of a actual corporation. That way any settlement can dispatch ships from the settlement office located in one of the four regions. The loot would go to that physical office and has to be shipped to any location from there. No ships or loot will ever be routed to the dispatch location unless sent via CSTS.
What do you think?
Coops wrote: Sun Dec 24, 2017 10:50 am
hot100 wrote: Sat Dec 23, 2017 10:44 pm Also dont like the fact that i cannot place corp HQ at my sett but only at some planet with a corporation bureau.
It is something I'm working on, the actual building is already in game but locked down. I have issues balancing due to how sets are placed in just about every corner of the game and how the offices use distance as a primary lock in. But I am working on the solution.

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