December Round Up...

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December Round Up...

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November and December are frenetic times here at Core-Exiles, and it can be real easy to miss out on things. So I thought I'd make a Round Up post. Hopefully I'll get everything covered, and you can then plan accordingly. So lets plough on in...

November Items - You were collecting November Guy Fawkes items in November and handing them in at the Halloween Exchanges. Plus, there was a Collection to be handed in to me from your Private Messages Section. Sadly, the Halloween Exchanges are now closed, and the hand in to me (Coops) via Private Message section is also now closed.

You have till the 15th of December till the remaining items you have left are removed from the game. That's a lot of Festive points potentially rolling around on the deck, so get over to a Festive Center and trade them in before they all disappear till next year.

November also saw the release of the Thanksgiving Items. You needed to collect 1 of each of the three items and hand them in to me (again through the automated handing on the PM section of the game). You still have till the 14th of December to complete that. After that, the items will disappear on the 15th of December.

The World Cup - Make sure to check in with the World Cup Representatives, these ladies will validate a full set of Flags in return for a Phat prize. Of course, you have till the 30th to do this, as the World Cup flags will be removed on the 30th of December. Check out THIS POST for more info.

Once you have completed a full set, I suggest heading over and dropping spares off to the 'Flag Collection' Offices. These will trade you XP and a server bonus as each flag set is completed. Check out THIS POST for more info.

Moving on to December - Well, we have the World Cup and San Ticlaws crew competing to hand you items. These will be dropping in the Festive hand outs (play to win). Also, there is a separate ticker handing out Christmas 'Resources' these you need to collect and CRAFT into a Christmas Crafted Token. Don't miss out on this one and even if you decide to NOT take part make sure to trade your resources Santa hands out as they will be sought after by many players! Check out THIS POST for more info.

You have the San Ticlaws Collection to check out, this is where we look for these items to be dropped off, so Santa can deliver the presents to the children on the 25th of December. For those that take part, a prize will be added come Christmas day for helping out. Check out THIS POST for more info.

Christmas Exchange - These are open. I have a post about them OVER HERE. Collect the Christmas Exchange items and hand them in for XP, credits and Christmas points. These you can stack up and spend them on Specials ONLY available in December from the same office you hand the Christmas Exchange items in to.

Coops Christmas Challenge & Mech War - 23rd Dec - 6th Jan. This gives you 2 weeks to play in-between the Christmas Turkey, stuffing and mince pies. As always all professions are pretty much covered so just playing will be taking part. Server wide prizes for those taking part and a staff Mech War as well running as part of the Challenge at the same time!

Coops Special chat Handouts - During the Challenge as I will need to be at my desk each day, I will be running random handout shouts during the day and evening. I suspect my fellow staff will help out with this when I'm not around, so keep an eye on the game header during the challenge period, get involved and win a prize!

As a reminder, here's the dates and cut-offs for items

Guy Fawkes, Thanksgiving Nov 1st - Nov 30th
All Items removed, Midnight on the 15th Dec

World Cup : 20 Nov - 18 Dec 2022
All Items removed, Midnight on the 30th Dec

Christmas Festivities - 1st Dec - 1st Jan
All Items removed Midnight on the 15th Jan

Coops Challenge & Mech War - 23rd Dec - 6th Jan
All Items removed Midnight on the 15th Jan

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