Olympic Half Way Point

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Olympic Half Way Point

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Today is the last day of the Current Summer Olympics and I thought I'd bring you the current Olympic Beacon hand in scores

United States of America 967
New Zealand 635
United Kingdom 457
Japan 138
Canada 112
Italy 110
India 91
Netherlands 88
Ecuador 72
Czech Republic 70
Australia 56
South Africa 45
Greece 40
Vanuatu 37
Belgium 22
Poland 13
Russian Federation 11
Switzerland 7
Ireland 5
Iceland 4
Vietnam 3

Those are the current scores for those with more than 2 votes. Beacons can be dropped against ANY country of your choosing. When dropped you get 5,000 Credits AND 1,000 XP, so very much worth the effort. Plus, we have a prize for the top beacon supporters - so it's doubly worth taking part in this.

What's Next Coops
Well the Olympic comity this year placed a large gap between the end of the Olympics and the start of the Paralympics, but here at CE I just see that as an 'excuse' for more Festive fun. So I will continue the Beacon and Flag dropping from the festive Ticker right on through till the END of the Paralympics.

So you have plenty of time to find those missing flags and Olympic tokens. Don't forget the Olympic Flags can be checked for hand in from inside the Olympic Office and come the start of the Paralympics you will also get a button to check for the Paralympic Tokens as well.

Meanwhile, keep dropping the Beacons for the country of choice!

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