Morale problem

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Morale problem

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I switched my settlement to level 3 without realizing that I'd need "serious" defenses and I'm too short of money to improve said defenses rapidly. Morale is down to 18% and last mail tells me that at -25 settlement will be closed. I don't see a "morale raising" building or something like that. Is there a way to at least maintain morale over 0 while I gather funds and rearm? Thanks!
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Re: Morale problem

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There are only 2 things that affect the settlement morale:

Settlement combat
This is the first one that unlocks, and for each fight, you lose your morale can either go up (if the fight is won) or go down. If you went to level 3 and have not installed any weapons at all yet, I suggest making that a high priority.

Installing some basic weapons (especially Defence weapons - these are mandatory to win fights) for your settlements should not take that much, a couple of million credits and you can get weapons that are good enough for you to start winning the fights.

The other thing that you also need to do to improve the settlement combat is to research Settlement Defence (this increases the max armour on your settlement). Depending on the weapons you selected, I believe 20k (2 levels) should be enough.

After researching the Settlement Defence, don't forget that you need to repair the armour after combat with either repair kits or with a Settlement Repair System.

Settement events
This starts at level 4, and just like Combat, they are either good or bad events that make the morale go up or down.
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Re: Morale problem

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You may want to check your in game PM's @rotor.....

For future readers stumbling over this post, moving to level 3 means having Offence, Defence AND Ground ability attached to your Settlement. Missing ANY one of these is going to trigger a default lose scenario. Early on at level 3 you only need to the most basic of these 3 types of weapons fitted. But you DO need them.

Also, to add a rounded approach to this subject the final and more devastating way a Settlement looses Morale (not relevant in this particular posters scenario) but well worth mentioning is that a Settlements Morale will plummet IF settlement financial responsibilities are not meet. IE not paying the daily bills!
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