Settlement Level 7 Requirements

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Settlement Level 7 Requirements

Post by Daemon »

Owning a settlement is one of the best things to have in CE. However, settlements are a long-term project and it takes a lot of time and resources to level it up and make it self-sufficient. To better prepare players, I'm posting the requirements for Sett level 7 so that players know what to expect if they decide to invest in a settlement.

Level 7 Validity Check
SRP: 850,000
Bunker Deployed: 1
Level 6 Spec Chosen: Required ()
Energy Output: 2,500,000+
Staff Housing: 180+
Settlement Max Shield: 100,000
Settlement HP: 350,000
Settlement Bond: Required
Morale: 100%
Captain Level: 75+
Level 7 Expansion License: 1
Emergency Services: 30%+
Settlement Security: 30%+
Trade & Research: 30%+
Settlement Defence: Max
SRP Increase Bonus: Max
Tourism: 2,600+
Settlement Repair: 900
Offensive Rating: 7,500
Defensive Rating: 7,500
Ground Support: 7,500
Settlement Level 6: Max

The easiest way to reach the target offense/defense/ground support ratings is to craft/buy two of each settlement items: Thor Particle Cannon (offense), Azel Missile Accelerator (defense) and Helix Beam Cannon (ground support). Each item gives 3750 to their respective stats so equipping 2 of each will equal to 7500. All schemes for these sett items can be bought from the A.L.I.C.E Development Program.

To reach the tourism rating, you need to equip the following items: Tourist Attraction (Corporate) Attraction Value: 1500, Settlement University Advanced Attraction Value: 1100 and Tourist Attraction (Basic) Attraction Value: 150. The Tourist Attraction buildings can be bought from JR Galactic. The University can be crafted.

Shield ratings can be achieved by equipping the B.E.B.E.B Shield Mk 3.

For players who want to support the game or who don't have the resources to craft some of the items, you can always buy them from the CE store.

Unfortunately, I am years away from levelling my sett to level 7 so I can't post the list of stores that open up once you reach sett level 7.

Maybe someone can post the list of stores and the corresponding costs and duration of each store contract?

Special thanks to Caliseer for sharing the info for sett level 7.
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Re: Settlement Level 7 Requirements

Post by mropso »

Thanks Daemon, nice to have this all in one place.
The only info I cannot find in here is how to get 2.5 mill energy.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a crafted solution?

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Re: Settlement Level 7 Requirements

Post by The Wolf »

The way I got to level 7 is by having 3 x Deimos Fusion Gen V3 reactors and the rest of the energy requirement was filled by doing the research on the settlement
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Re: Settlement Level 7 Requirements

Post by mropso »

Thanks Wolf.
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