Restarting Astraeus port and Hogwarts Hauling payout

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Restarting Astraeus port and Hogwarts Hauling payout

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Hi there guys,
I haven't been keeping well lately, plus a few other things have kept me from playing Core exiles as much as I would've liked.
However, things are getting better now, so I should have a lot more time to play :D
I own 2 settlements, Astraeus Port and Hogwarts
Astraeus port is located on Lus Vosay,
and Hogwarts is located in the Byoti system.
Both settlements had a haulage program that would pay out 30% to 50% of the earnings to the haulers, be it passengers or cargo. Usually within 1 or 2 weeks or so.
It did run for more than a year, until the last few months, that is.
I am restarting those programs, as I should have enough time now to be able to continue to pay our haulers.
and If you used to haul from Astraeus port and Hogwarts, but didn't end up getting payed for the last few months, I seriously apologise and I hope you understand.
Hope to see you there!
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Re: Restarting Astraeus port and Hogwarts Hauling payout

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Welcome back to the Game @Falconner, Glad to see your on th emend and the Settlements have you back at the tiller :)

Thanks for organsing this competition - best of luck fellow Exiles.

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