Section 4, Subsection 3 - Settlement Morale

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Section 4, Subsection 3 - Settlement Morale

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25% - Stores / Offices Close Doors
Under section 4, subsection 3 of the charter of licensed trade agreements when a settlement Morale drops to 25% or below key non-essential Offices / Stores will close. These offices/stores REMAIN on your settlement promenade but simply close their doors to the public.

If you raise your Morale back above 25% they will automatically open once more. There is a specific text shown to yourself and visitors to your settlement when attempting to access a store/office under these conditions.

Note this only affects non-essential stores and offices.

10% - Stores / Offices Pulled
Should your Morale drop to 10% or below ALL non-essential store/office licenses will be revoked and the aforementioned store/offices pulled from your settlement promenade.

Final Wrap Up -25%
Should your settlement reach Minus 25% a wrap-up command will be given and your settlement will pass out of your control and be handed over to the Official Receiver Account. At that time the settlement will be reviewed and it is likely the following will happen.

Remaining contracts will be pulled.
Funds from your settlement will be confiscated by Gal-Fed Official Receivers.
Your settlement License will be revoked.
Any & all buildings deployed will be removed and confiscated.
All staff will be released from your employment / or placed on leave (depending on if you have more than 1 set).
All Commercial store accounts will be moved to Cinq Port. (under Gal-Fed Official Receiver orders)
All Player market sales @ location moved to Cinq Port. (under Gal-Fed Official Receiver orders)
All items @ Collection Point moved to Cinq Port. (under Gal-Fed Official Receiver orders)
Also Factories removed and returned to owners ships stores.
Factory stocks - confiscated by Gal-Fed Official Receiver
After a final check the demolition crews will demolish the settlement. (You LOSE Hubs)
All parties will be sent an email confirming their stocks, items, PM sales ect have been relocated.

Update 1st May - The settlement Self Wrap up is now added.
Note if the settlement Auto wrap up is brought about due to Moral all deployed buildings WILL be forfeit. Only by using the Settlement Owner Wrap up code will you be returned the deployed buildings. Otherwise the settlement is treated as a foreclosure and dealt with as such