Mech Disclaimer

Core-Exiles doesn't have in game PVP - But we do have Mech Wars! Take your frustrations out in the Mech Zones and raise your Mech Commander Level.
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Mech Disclaimer

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To resolve any future issues please read and digest the following :

Entering Mechs in to the Mech combat Zones is done so entirely at your own risk. We (the Developers of Core-Exiles) take no responsibility for any and all activities within the Mech Zones. This includes issues with the zone mechanics and any issue relating to the loss of or damage of a mech.

The Mech Zone is there as a small PVP element of Core-Exiles for the 'Fun' and 'Entertainment' of those that wish to take part.

Players entering the mech zones should further understand they can be attacked by ANY mech other than their own (should you enter more than one). They can be attacked by other players and Staff.

Staff mechs can ONLY be attacked by Players. Staff VS Player competitions may be held at various stages. Generally speaking during these 'promoted games' players out number staff by a large %.

ALL mechs no matter who they belong to are subject to the same rules and restrictions. Captains must gain the sufficient Commander Ranks to place multiple Mechs and be able to deploy in Bravo and Charlie zones.

ALL mechs are subject to the same coding. Chassis, AI, Armour, Weapon, Speed and Mass all play a part in the mechanics of the Mech Zones. The remainder is down to luck.

There ARE known issues with the Mech Zone under certain conditions. These elements are under review and will be addressed in updates to the mech Zone.

Please Do NOT log a bug without first understanding this and having taken the time to read the stickies in the Mech Forum section.

Lastly - The Mech Zones are there for Fun. Core-Exiles does not have an in game PVP element but chooses to let Captains duke it out in a controlled mech arena. If you take part in this please do so with the 'community spirit' as it is intended to be used.


P.S If the community rallies behind the Mech Zone then I will continue programming for it. Adding more Mechs, AI, Armour Weapons and specials. This will remain under review.

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