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Deep Core Mining

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Some 600 years ago Deep Core Mining launched its first series of deep asteroid mining robotic systems; DAMROS, to harvest the minerals from the metal rich asteroids. There were over 200 known objects greater than 100 km, (60 miles) in diameter that were the main target for mining.

The primitive A.I. in these systems could barely avoid colliding with other asteroids on the way to their target and, while they could identify known elements they were unable to classify newly discovered elements. The solution was to collect a “sample” of about half a metric ton and send notification to the other mining bots that a particular sample had been collected so it would not be repeated.

These samples were sent back to earth in huge containers. The containers were taken to the inner edge of the asteroid belt and a vessel would engage them and head on an intercept course with earth.

There was quite a bit of controversy over allowing containers to be launched, unguided, toward Earth.

They were placed into orbit and the samples were evaluated. The other minerals were sent directly to processing. Many new minerals were discovered and new alloys were created that advanced man’s incursion into space.

Out in the asteroid belt itself robotic collectors were given the task of gathering the huge number of smaller asteroids that, despite their numbers, were spread over millions of miles of space.

The primitive A.I. began to develop methods for collecting the asteroids into a spherical mass. They would give the asteroids a calculated nudge toward a “core” asteroid. The A.I. appeared to begin having contests on which one could project an asteroid on the best course and speed to impact the core asteroid so there was very little reaction.

Soon the A.I. developed a method where they would carom their asteroid off another A.I.’s asteroid, throwing it off course and increasing their chance to win.

Meanwhile Deep Core Mining continued to work on the A.i.s ability to recognize and exploit veins of minerals, including those “unknown” minerals that were encountered.

Deep Core Mining petitioned the Earth government to begin mining efforts on Mercury and Venus. Their petition was granted and they began developing mining rigs that could be deployed in hostile environments and extract key minerals.

When the gate opened into the Sphere, Deep Core Mining was among the first Commercial ventures to be allowed into the Sphere.
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