Free Fuel, Premium Months & Mech Packs

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Free Fuel, Premium Months & Mech Packs

Post by Coops » Tue Jul 29, 2014 3:13 pm

Many of you out there play Core Exiles for Free. Nothing wrong with that as not everyone has real money to spend on their browser game hobbies, we totally understand. But that's no reason you can't grab yourself some Free Fuel and Premium Monthly upgrades without spending a cent and in some cases support CE as well.

Want to know more read on :

Get 5,000 Fuel Ticker for Free : READ HERE
Simply show us Core Exiles from your perspective. Upload the images and we will give you a 5,000 unit Fuel Ticket. No catches no gimmicks. Free Fuel :)

Vote for 200 Fuel Daily
At the bottom of the Core Exiles main game page is the 'vote for us' small banner. You can also access this option from the top left drop down. Simply visit this link once every 24 hours and vote for CE on the sites that are shown. Note the voting check rolls here on CE at 16:00 each day.

Earn 500 Fuel Or 1 Month PA : READ HERE
One of our voting sites has a great deal with voters. If you create an account with them and login before you vote your vote will gain you a Gold Coin. These gold coins are added to your account and can be spent on their site for PA and Fuel Tickets on Core-Exiles. We have may players keep themselves in PA status simply using this method.

Win a Large Mech Pack : READ HERE
Again this one couldn't get any easier. Post where you learned about Core-Exiles. Let us know how you found us. Couldn't be simpler. Add your post to the current thread. We scan it daily and award the Mechs when its read.

Play Daily - Chance to Win 500 Fuel Ticket
Every day you play you are entered into a daily raffle. This is drawn TWICE a day and the lucky random winner is awarded a 500 Fuel Ticket. You can check the results in the top left in game drop down.

Win £13 Gift Certificate : READ HERE
Every time you complete the 'Vote for us' round, you are awarded a ticket in a monthly competition. This is drawn on or near the first of the month and the winner (randomly chosen) is posted in the Competition section of the forums.

Special Festive Periods
On top of what's listed above we are always running competitions giving away Core-Exiles 'Fuel and Items'. We often award Server Wide prizes of Fuel Tickets when running large scale events like Mech Wars or special festive events.

Simply taking note of our Competitions Section in the Forums, Our Facebook Page and Timeline Page will help you spot when these events and prizes are up for grabs. Often you don't even have to do anything more than make a post!


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