More Communication Fragments

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More Communication Fragments

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More Communication Fragments

It appears that more of the Communication Fragments have started to appear coming through the Nebula systems. These are Fragments of messages being sent from the other side deep within the Nebula. It is hopped that Captains receiving these will report their content here within the Official Posting for others to review.

Perhaps a completed message can be achieved, and more light can be shone on the current state of affairs back in the Core Worlds.


Competition Rules:

This one has two parts. The first is Simple. Collect all the AI fragments (You will need to confer with other Captains to conclude the full amount) then access your PM in game communications system. From there you will see a 'Coops Hand-in Option'. Use this system (in game) to check if you have all the parts (Ships Store) and if so complete the required drop off.

This system will automatically verify if you have all the parts and if so remove them and inform Coops, your ready for your Reward....

Part Two: Post what you found OVER HERE - This will enable fellow Captains to see what's to be found, and perhaps someone amongst you can build and post the full message. (for Fun)

The Hand in check will only allow you to hand in ONE full set (per Captain).

I will be PM'd once you have completed a successful complete set hand in. I will then process your reward when I next checks my PM's :)

4 X Exile Resource Tokens
50K Fuel Ticket
500 Barter Points
500 Festive Points

Happy Hunting, Swapping, Trading!

I will continue this one up till the middle of the month (15th September)...
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