Halloween Hunt 2019

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Halloween Hunt 2019

Post by Coops »

This is a slightly different competition, but one that everyone can take part in. All I ask is that you READ the competition details fully and follow the rules therein.

Pumpkin Hunt
I have this morning seeded several 1000 Pumpkins into the game. These can be located on promenades throughout the entire Galaxy. Of course, you will need to keep a keen eye out for them. (VI / Blind: Please note the Pumpkins are titled and alt image tagged.)

The Pumpkins will remain in game until either they are all located (and reported) or until the Morning of the 1st of November.

A REPORTED sighting of a Pumpkin will get you an entry into a Prize Draw on the 1st of November. We will draw TWENTY winners at that time.

1: You only need to report ONE sighting in this thread, but it must have been your OWN sighting whilst playing.
2: You MUST report WHERE you spotted the Pumpkin, SYSTEM & LOCATION
3: Keep your posts on topic

Competition Closes
The last Entry for this competition must be posted by 10:00 AM on the 1st of November.

We will draw 20 random winners from those who take part and post their prizes on the 1st of November.

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Re: Halloween Hunt 2019

Post by Lost Queen »

: )

While off loading my latest haul of goodies at Queensport in the Yaralista system, I spotted a pumpkin.

: )
: ) It could be worse. : )
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Re: Halloween Hunt 2019

Post by Korthen »

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Re: Halloween Hunt 2019

Post by Galfling »

Nasty creatures! They attacked even Jump Gate Nexuses!!!

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Hope Alliance will handle it soon, because we all know we can not count on Gal-Fed forcess...
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Re: Halloween Hunt 2019

Post by Korth »

Work Centre
Main Promenade
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Re: Halloween Hunt 2019

Post by Maro Marecki »

Main Promenade - San Gallen
Descarte system
Sphere Galaxy
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Re: Halloween Hunt 2019

Post by Danik »

Mos Eisley

It winked at me... scary!
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Re: Halloween Hunt 2019

Post by The Wolf »

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Re: Halloween Hunt 2019

Post by Kangaroo »

Pumpkin 20

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Re: Halloween Hunt 2019

Post by Ophelia »

Hello Coops,

Pumpkin spotted on the Stealer of Dreams promenade, Hathom, Verec-per.