Starbase Maintenance Token

Starbases - A long time coming but the pinnacle of achievement for any Guild or Captain. Information as its released will be collated here in this section.
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Starbase Maintenance Token

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Starbase Maintenance Token

As I delve deeper in to the Starbase code and its inner workings one things that becoming apparent is the rising cost of maintaining a star-base. If we look at Settlements the daily costs range from 10,000 to 386,991 credits per day. Now imagine multiplying that by the sheer scale of a Starbase. Every cost will be exponentially higher and there are not just costs involved but also maintenance resources required to keep the behemoth air tight and ship shape.

So I'm creating a Starbase Maintenance Token.
The token will be added to the star-base facilities management section and will be used before any other credits / resources required. It acts as both a credit and resource buffer giving the star-base owner / administrators time to breath and collect credits and resources required for daily Star-base running.

How much time the token gives you is based off the costs and resources requirements of your Star-base, but it acts as a safety guard and any good Star-base owner will want a collection of these ready from day one.
It also allows 'others' to aid the star base, in fact these I can see becoming a fairly common traded commodity.

The tokens themselves will be available to purchase from Festive Stores (on the day we go live with the first deployments) and also as rewards from the CE Store as part of the new support rewards from August forward. ( Read Here)

The tokens will be an 'Item' (Misc) and WILL be tradable.

So start collecting these Tokens and stash them away for when your Guild or friend deploys a Star-base, they will thank you for the support and you will be doing your part to ensure the Starbase deployment goes as smoothly as possible.

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