Starbase Progress - Update

Starbases - A long time coming but the pinnacle of achievement for any Guild or Captain. Information as its released will be collated here in this section.
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Starbase Progress - Update

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I thought on this the 1st of November I'd take the opportunity to share a few tidbits with you surrounding Starbases. Now before you 'turn off' as you think starbases won't affect you (the average player) think again :)

Whilst Starbases will be purchased and deployed and run by either Mega Rich players of well-funded Guilds, the day to day 'use and interaction' of these starbases will impact on every player regardless of level. I'm adding new functions to these starbases to allow them to offer services unavailable anywhere else.

Not to mention they will be performing a very important role as the game progresses. (more on that bit as we get closer to deployment).

Plus you have to consider that most of the buildings deployed on a starbase will be built on Settlements by captains like 'you'. Plus they will need resources collected by captains like 'you'!

I have created several posts in the new Starbase Forum Section. Plus I have added several Holding pages. These are linked to from inside the game. That's because Purchasing a License that costs over a Billion Credits and deploying said Starbase deserves some extra 'Hand Holding' :)

You can expect the reserved threads to be filled out as we get closer to release. I don't want to give too much away now do I :)

In the meantime here's an image for you :
Coops_Starbase.png (266.32 KiB) Viewed 7191 times
I 'can' tell you that Each starbase will have A LOT of Upgrade locations. The image above is a test of mine with over 100 upgrades and deployments, with room for more :)

I'm still awaiting my operation date here (the last one was cancelled) so working hard to get as much of this done as I can!

Don't forget if you like / love / enjoy Core-Exiles - consider helping support us Via the CE Store or bringing friends or colleges to play!

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