Captain Sunflowers - Intrepid Explorer

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Captain Sunflowers - Intrepid Explorer

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Hello fellow spacefarers. Gabby Newsome here with the News You Can Use.

Something a little different today from my ordinary fare of corruption in high places, galactic disasters and Captain mischief.

My partner across at the travel desk interviewed Captain Sunflowers some time back. If you remember correctly Captain Sunflowers had taken on the task of exploring all known space and ensuring each and every planet and station had a bio!

Quite the undertaking, to say the least. But she is delivering! We are updating bios as fast as we can (after vetting to ensure there is nothing too derogatory). So, if you don’t see a bio on your favorite haunt, just wait! It’s on the way.

So, why this article? Well Captain Sunflowers has completed 500 planetary and station bios! That’s a lot of trekking the spacelanes.

Oh, wait. Here is some breaking news!

Tyrone Tripper at the travel desk just reported that ISN is going to award Captain Sunflowers with a 1,000 fuel ticket in recognition of her outstanding work in the travel field!

Congratulations to Captain Sunflowers!
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