What about them ARKS?

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What about them ARKS?

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This is Gabby Newsome with the News You Can Use.

If you have been in the Furnace galaxy you have seen them, the ARKS. So, what exactly are they and where did they come from?

It appears they are the leftovers from a by-gone era. Back in the early days, before gates were developed the earth side worlds were facing a dilemma. Scientists were convinced the sun was entering a phase which could cause it to go nova! They had to save a portion of mankind!

Countries gathered together and combined resources to develop a plan to save mankind. First they identified a destination galaxy. Furnace was chosen for its likelihood of having more earth-like solar systems and worlds, based on long range scans.

The great ARKS were created. These were a combination of generational and sleep ships. They contained DNA and equipment the colonists might need once they reached their destination. The occupants would be put in deep sleep, and all their voids pumped full of fluids for the initial acceleration phase of the journey. Every decade or so a portion of the crew would be awakened to ensure everything was going well, perform any minor maintenance the AI droids couldn’t do and to make any adjustments necessary. Then they would return to their sleep pods.

Once the ARKS reached their destination they were used as a base and staging point while the crew members were awakened and began the colonization of the planet. The shell of the ARK was left in place as a beacon for any who might come along later.

Not all the ARKS made it. As you journey through Furnace you will find some numbers missing. No one knows for sure what may have happened to them, but knowing the hazards of space, and some of the drawbacks of the earlier AI one can imagine.

Some say there are ARKS still out there, undiscovered, floating between the galaxies, waiting to be discovered. Others say their trajectories will bring them to the Furnace galaxy, eventually.

This is Gabby Newsome signing off.
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