Looking for a home?

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Looking for a home?

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Gabby Newsome here with the News You Can Use.

Yes Captains, and this is truely news you can use!

You captains have been very busy braving dangerous conditions on the surfaces of hostile planets far and wide, and relaying your exploration data back to the Exploration Bureau.

Well, your hard work has paid off and there are now fifteen more planets available for settlement. The licenses are fresh off the press and seven are ready for application at Ellie Durant’s office on San Ferron.

The other eight are Expanse licenses. You can visit Noctu Amar on Defiant in Yam to obtain a license.

For you intrepid explorers out there, there are still over 200 planets that need to be completed and the Genesis project continues to create more.

So, If you have been looking for a happy home for a shiny new settlement take a look at the new opportunities.

This is Gabby Newsome, signing off.
Star Field Reporter - ISN NEWS
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