Have I been here before?

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Have I been here before?

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Gabby Newsome here with News You Can Use.

Hey good captains, have you ever wondered, as you fly about the universe why Tavior looks like Thabus; why Nefferon is a twin of Elmara; why Welling resembles Utova? Well, I did, so I did some digging and have the answer for you, so sit back in your comfy captains chair, put up your feet and have a sip or two of your favorite beverage while I tell you about it.

You see, back in the early days of space exploration Earth began sending out terraforming vessels. These vessels would seek out planets in the goldy-locks zone and set about to make them habitable for good old oxygen breathing homo-sapiens. Unfortunately the primitive A.I. in these vessels were even dumber than the A.I. we have in our ships today and many of the terraforming projects were a complete disaster.

Scientists came up with a work-around and made patterns with set land-forms for the A.I. to choose from. From that point forward the terraforming vessels were confined to a few dozen patterns they would overlay on the planetary body and select the closest match.

This was the standard for the next couple hundred years, until disturbing news of some indigenous, sentient life forms destroyed in the terraforming process, something the authorities said would never happen, came to light. After pressure from the Individuals For Saving Indigenous Life Forms (IFSILF) terraforming began to lose favor.

With the advances made in Dome Sciences terraforming, which was always costly and time consuming, soon fell out of use. Now it’s faster, cheaper and safer to drop a dome and move in.

And there you have it, captains. So as you look down on a planet and think to yourself “I’ve seen this planet before.” well, sorta, but not quite.

This is Gabby, signing off!
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