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Exploring the Universe

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Greetings Captains and Citizens and welcome to the inaugural episode of Exploring the Universe with Tyrone Tripper. And I am Tyrone Tripper and it pleases me greatly to introduce Captain Sunflowers!

Captain Sunflowers, I understand you are beginning a journey spanning known space to visit every planet and station and then give our viewers some personal insights about these fascinating places.

First, tell me, and our viewers a little something about yourself.

I grew up on the wrong side of the space lanes. Our family was so poor that we only had one ship between 10 of us (not including all the "uncles" and "cousins" we had) and that was more patches than ship. I dropped out of school early and got my real education in hustling. Being a pretty young girl is a real advantage in getting rich old men to part with their cash. I just fluttered my eyelashes and they signed up for dodgy investments quicker than I could down my drinks!

So, I guess the first question is why? I mean, what is the purpose of a project like this?

I've always loved travelling. The first thing I wanted to do was get out of the backwater dump I'd been brought up in. I saved some money from the hustles I'd made and booked on the next ship out of the Core. After I'd finished all the missions for the NPCs and decided on hauling and mining as my main trades I bought a halfway decent apartment not far from the base on San Gallen in Descarte. When I searched for information on my destinations in the Galaxy Locator I saw that they'd suffered a catastrophic data breach and there were large gaps in their database so I thought I'd help to fill them in. While I like flitting around delivering cargoes and all the rest - yes, I still do it myself, it stops me getting bored - it's good to be able to help others.

The second question is how? Is this venture self-financed?

Not long after I'd disembarked from the ship that brought me from the Core I knew I had to find some way to support myself. I set up my haulage and mining businesses and did some planetary exploration (three planets - one in Expanse and two in Dranor were either wholly or mainly explored by me and my name is on them as Chief Explorer). However, I knew it would take me a long time to get enough credits together to really take off so one day I sweet-talked the multi-billionaire who owned the shipyards that sent the first starships out from Sphere to explore other galaxies outside the Core, to take me into his company. Sadly, a few months after we married he met with a fatal accident while inspecting one of the prototype ships. I assure you that it was just a coincidence that by then he'd made a will, leaving everything to me and that the life insurance premiums I'd persuaded him to take out were paid to me - no questions asked. After a decent interval of mourning (about a year or so - while the legalities were being finalised) I sold the shipyards to one of his rivals and here I am. A "Merry Widow" and free to boldly go where few women have gone before!

Where are you starting?

I have a settlement on Romilda in Dranor in the Forge system. I've got another sideline there: sunflower plantations. The staff at the Research Academy are very much into healthy diets and all that so I supply them with products from the sunflowers. The flowers look pretty too. You should visit some time. I'm sure the shop would give you a discount if you mention my name!
I’m more than likely going to report along my normal routes of travel and take side-trips to other areas as the fancy strikes me. But, as a teaser, How about I begin in a few areas around the sphere?

What kind of information will the viewers get?

Unlike most women I know I hate shopping! I don't like wasting time when I'm working and like to do as much as possible in the same place. The Promenade Finder will tell me where something specific is located but, for instance, if I look up a schematic or sales outlet it won't tell me that there are several others there as well. It also won't tell me if there is no Commercial Store or CSTS facility - particularly important when mining asteroid belts in Expanse or some of the more remote parts of Furnace. So I have taken it upon myself to list the facilities on the planets and stations I visit. I also describe the conditions on the surface of planets and a few details of the orbiting stations in the various systems. Unfortunately, I have only penetrated into Expanse as far as Asbur and my Naristro standing is too low for even my charms to work on most of the agents there so I am limited to a description of the planetary surfaces and what facilities are in any human settlements on them.

How often do you plan on reporting in for the interviews?

I hope to report in every few days - or at the longest once a week. I have a holoblog on SpaceBook so you can check my progress on there if you want.

Thank you so much for your time. I and my viewers will be eagerly awaiting your first episode.

So, until next time we Explore the Universe together, this is Tyrone Tripper signing off!

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