Thar he blows!

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Thar he blows!

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Gabby Newsome here with News you can use!

Good day Captains. Do you have your eyes peeled?
It seems that GalFed has released the names of five dastardly, devious, daring, buccaneers of the space lanes. Attached to each name is a nice bounty consisting of:

1 Months Premium Account (this gets you into all the best places)
2K fuel ticket and who couldn’t use a little extra go juice.
1 X Christmas Resource Token which allows you to get a nice amount of those much needed resources.

Of course sightings have to be verified against docking records but it will save them hours of pouring through them if you report the time accurately. This is in Galactic time from the bottom of your HUD.

The five nasties are:

Greedy Wolf
Storm Killer
Dark Raven
Dragon Bane

Please report the following information if you spot one of these nefarious nasties.

#1 One report per pirate (Don’t try to collect all five before you report them)
#2 You must report Name, location, system, Galaxy Time (from Galactic Time on Footer HUD).
#3 Only main Toons. No Alts or aliases.
#4 You must have fun while searching


These guys move fast and often so they could show up anywhere!

Good luck and good hunting Captains!

This is Gabby Newsome signing off.

Good luck and good hunting Captains!

This is Gabby Newsome signing off.
Star Field Reporter - ISN NEWS
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