Galactic Research update

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Galactic Research update

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Hello Captains! This is Gabby Newsome with News You Can Use!

In an earlier article I passed on a plea to step up donations to the AI Galactic Research Project and step up you did, donating thousands of units of resources to the project!

Phase 1 is complete, but the collection office is asking for more resources for the next developmental push.

Meanwhile over in R & D there is some spirited discussion on how to best utilise the new tech.

A source deep inside R & D says there are arguments over the direction research and utilisation should go, offense, which would include weapons and targetting or defense, which would be threat detection and shielding.

They are also looking at snippets of A. I. code for a new series of advanced combat drones.

I’ll keep you posted on updates but you know how it is when scientists get to arguing.

This is Gabby Newsome signing off.
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