Gate fee?

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Gate fee?

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Good day Captains, or perhaps not so good.

I have learned from a reliable source that the cost of doing business is about to go up. Yes Captains, the money grubbing government has come up with yet another way of fleecing you all of your hard earned credits. Today’s ploy, a transit fee.

Yes folks you heard it right. The authorities have decided to place a fee on gate travel.

A spokesperson said “This fee is based on transit through gates, owned, controlled and maintained by the government. The cost of prosecuting the war against the AI threat continues to stress the government's ability to maintain the gate systems. This minor fee will help to offset the constant drain on our budget. We are proposing a modest fee of one or two credits which should not place too great a burden on any Captain.”

One or two credits doesn’t sound like a lot but the fee is on every “entrance into, transit through or exit from a gate,'' regardless of whether a JDN is fitted or not. Captains who conduct trade through the gate systems will be especially hard hit.

What are your thoughts Captains? Will you sit idly by and let the authorities impose yet another tax on your business?

PM me! This is Gabby Newsome signing off.
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