The Flying Verican

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The Flying Verican

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Hello Captains! This is Gabby Newsome with News You Can Use!

This is the time of year when the veil gets thin between the worlds; not the physical worlds, but between this world and the afterlife. Now is said to be the time of year to honor our ancestors and, if the conditions are right, hear from them.

Rumor also tells us this is the time of year when Captains see the Flying Verican. She’s an ancient pirate ship that is said to be cursed to wander between the gates for eternity.

She is said to have been in a battle with authorities and just as they fired a final volley she jumped through a gate, the volley following behind her. Most say that the ship was destroyed, but some say she still wanders in the emptiness between the gates, not bound by conventional physics, but able to exit a gate anywhere in known space, and perhaps beyond.

Around this time of year, she is said to pop out of a gate behind a captain as he exits, make one pass by the vessel and fire a volley, then disappear from all sensors.

Her ancient weapons do little damage and she will often leave a few pumpkins behind.

Have you seen her Captain? Drop me a line if you have.
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