Spiritus Once Again Free!

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Spiritus Once Again Free!

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Hi there folks, Gus Givens here with some great news!

A few weeks back the Coalition forces mostly made up of fellow Captains managed to complete stage 10 of the Spiritus Planetary campaign against the insidious A.I foe. Yes you heard me correctly, that was two weeks ago. Why so long announcing this news? Well, we are asked to keep this under wraps until the clean up and rescue had been mostly completed. The sheer volume of dead was staggering and the planet will take time to fully recover from being under A.I control.

Most of the actual buildings remain intact but the population it appears had been hunted till only small groups remained. When the A.I first invaded there were over 18.2 million human souls on Spiritus. A mass service for Spiritus inhabitants will be held this coming Sunday.

Counselling centres have been created in major cities, and an extended medical centre for those still suffering the affects has been constructed.

Construction Engineers have been extremely busy on the primary landing port and reinstated some of the planets essential services, and even managed to convince Ashar to open an office there to help with initial freight movement.

General Smithers made a statement that the Coalition forces have expanded their planetary targets to Five for now.

Gus Givens bringing you the latest news and events.

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Gus Givens
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