Registration Beacon

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Registration Beacon

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In an unprecedented show of cooperation Gal Fed, Con Fed and the Verican Politburo have agreed to a ruling that would require all Captains to install a registration beacon on their vessels. To add insult to injury Captains would be required to purchase the schematics and build their own beacon.

“This registration is a move toward greater security and safety. The registration beacon would allow the authorities to “tag” vessels that had successfully passed a safety inspection.” an authority stated.

Captain say this is just another move to interfere with a Captains freedom, allowing authorities to keep track of them wherever they go. They also fear pirates hacking the beacon codes allowing them to ambush their vessels. It also places an additional financial burden on Captains who are barely scraping by.

Authorities said all Marauders issued to Captains on arrival would already have a beacon installed thereby eliminating any financial burden on Captains just starting out. No further details are available regarding the cost and construction of the beacon.

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