Jerris Outpost and the C.T.V.A

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Jerris Outpost and the C.T.V.A

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Hi there Fellow Viewers, Gus Givens here with some breaking commercial news. There has been a long-standing embargo on commodity transfers from Jerris Outpost over in Fieron ever since the Guild Office was located there some decade ago.

At the time the local 'Commercial Trade Vendors Agency' was up in arms about the placement of the Guild Office in their system and decided to strong arm the Commercial Store and C.S.T.S to remove their services from said location.

Ever since then if you wanted to move goods on or off Jerris Outpost you needed a large cargo hold and a lot of stamina.

Well, it appears times they are a changing. The latest newly promoted chancellor for the C.T.V.A has asked both the Commercial Store and C.S.T.S to reactivate their services on Jerris Outpost and allow the free and normal trade of resources and commodities.

Scenes of jubilation over at Jerris Outpost have led to a few arrests and even in one instance the riot police being called due to excessive parting by certain Captains down in the Entertainment district.

It also appears that on the same day Guild Management Services lifted their own embargo on transfers to Commercial stores from the Guild Store. This teamed with the implementation of the C.S.T.S means Guild Officers and above can now access the Guild Store and move resources around the Galaxy without the need for a hold the size of New Canada and the patience of a saint.

More on this story as it unfolds. Now, over to Cathy who has news on the Emaron Ambassadors daughter latest antics!

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