GalFed Issue Ports & Docks Warning!

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GalFed Issue Ports & Docks Warning!

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It's approaching that time of year again folks when the Graffiti Taggers come out of the woodwork. For the last few years this has been an issue with Captains Ships being daubed with Festive greetings and messages.

This year Gal-Fed and other security forces throughout the Universe are ramping up their security at Ports and Docks to try and stop the Taggers before they even get anywhere near the Ships.

But you must be vigilant, be on the look out for people out of place on docks and ports. Gal-Fed are planning on offering a reward this year for all instances of tagged items and locations, but are currently waiting to see which way the taggers go before issuing reward offers.

Whilst for the most part it's harmless pranks, the security of your ship and its fittings should be of primary concern, and Gal-Fed want you to know they take this type of thing very seriously!

So keep an eye out!

Guy Givens reporting
ISN News

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