A.L.I.C.E Does it Again...

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A.L.I.C.E Does it Again...

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Settlement Graviton Reactor Unit

The A.L.I.C.E Development Program has once again shown its depth of technical knowledge, and it's ability to work with its fellow crafters and released the Schematics for the complex and VERY resource hungry Settlement Graviton Reactor Unit. A reminder that the ALICE crafting schematic group require not only credits but C.A.M.P Tokens before they will let just 'anyone' run off with their schematics, so be prepared to pay more than just cash in this exchange.

A spokesman for the A.L.I.C.E Development Program seemed jubilant at the number of captains queuing up outside the office on this auspicious release day. He was also seen handing out leaflets on the upcoming SMR Advanced Construction Suite, though was tight-lipped on the cost of these schematics.

He also alluded to an ongoing discussion with Gal-Fed Military on the release of their Starbase Heavy Fuel Refinery schematics. But would not be budged on anything more than that...

Enjoy, of smooch up to your Guild crafter, or for the insane crafters, pop on over to Alice and take a peek...

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