Trade in Olympic Upgrade Tokens

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Trade in Olympic Upgrade Tokens

Post by Coops »

With the release of the 'Dev Revision Upgrade Store' in the next few hours, I have written a Primer for the Stores. You can find it Dev Revision Upgrades OVER HERE. But....

A few weeks back, I stated that you would be able to use the Olympic Upgrade Tokens as well. Well that's kind of still true but in a round about way :) the new Store looks for 'Coops Upgrade Tokens' that you have in your Secure Store. Many of you might have some Olympic Upgrade Tokens dotted around, and you can TRADE those to me for Coops Upgrade Tokens.

I'm offering a 1:1 trade, but you must do the following:

Trade the Tokens to ME Coops (anywhere)
THEN SEND ME A PM telling me you have traded them and how many.

For an even quicker turn around, why not send me a private message in discord (If I'm around, I'll do them there and then).

I will drop you 1:1 Coops Upgrade Tokens. You can then stash them away into your Secure Store, where the Dev Revision Upgrade office will spot them.

This is an OPEN OFFER with no time limit on it.

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