Halloween Festive NPC

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Halloween Festive NPC

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Today marks the start of the Festive NPC's being dispatched to start to share the festive Fun. During October, you will see the Halloween Festive staff and in November these will be changed out for Guy Fawkes NPC's. Come December, these will morph into your favourite Christmas festive NPCs.

This year, rather than sticking them in predetermined locations, I'm purely posting them to 'Requested' locations. Click the LINK HERE to request one if you own a Settlement or Starbase. This morning, 14 NPC's were dispatched from the Festive Center and made their way to the first wave of requested locations.

For Halloween, you should be looking for

Jack Pumpkin Head
Pirate Pumpkin
Pumpkin Peggy
Hal Owen
Pumpkin Brian
Jaqualyn Tern
Pumpkin Bob

I'd suggest using the Finder to locate these NPC's and paying them a visit this October. Don't forget if you want a Festive NPC simply post in the linked thread. But PLEASE ensure you SPELL the name of your Settlement / SB and system Correctly :)

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