Olympic Warm Down

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Olympic Warm Down

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OK well that was ONE VERY LONG period of festive activity. The festive ticker ran from the start of the Olympics through the break and during the Paralympics. Phew, I think we nearly wore it out! But nooooooo! I have decided to leave the ticker running till the 15th of September.

This is so that you can get your final A.I Communication Fragments and hand them in to me for a Bumper prize.

I'm also still continuing on the ' Locate & Report the Pirates' competition and that one's running till the 30th of September! So still plenty of time to get your personal reports in for all of those pesky pirates!

Meanwhile, let's wrap up the Olympic events here by handing out some prizes....
top10.PNG (23.73 KiB) Viewed 634 times
As you can see from above, the Top ten countries the beacons were donates against, there were just under 10,000 beacons dropped off in total. With the top ten donators being ranked as follows!

Kermit De Frog
Hand Solo

These ten Captains can contact me privately and choose for the following Prizes, either for themselves or to be donated to an alt or friend / guild mate.

1 X 50K fuel Ticket
1 X 12 Months PA
3 X Exile Resource Tokens
25000 Festive Points

Choose wisely and let me know (just 1 please) :)

Let's not forget the next month is October and that starts off the Core-Exiles Festive Events that run right rounds through October, November and December! Going to be a busy, busy, busy end of year for me!

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