August Last Week

This section covers latest updates and changes within the game. Posts here are made by the Developers and if you only read 1 Section - make it this one!
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August Last Week

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Hi there Fellow Exile,

Today marks the start of the Paralympics, we have been giving away Random Flags, Beacons and Upgrade Tokens ever since the Olympics began, so you should by now have a fair old collection.

You have till the end of the Paralympics to complete both the flag Collection AND the Paralympics Token collection. Both can NOW be handed in inside the Olympic Offices dotted throughout the Galaxies. (I've re listed them at the end of this PM).

A.I Communication Fragments
You should also be looking for a complete set of A.I Communication Fragments. This one is running separately to the Olympics, but is in the same Festive Ticker handout. That one you can check and hand in via a new bar that's appeared at the top of the Private Message Screen. This is now my 'preferred Hand in to Coops'. I'll be using this for large scale hand ins in the future, saving you from a LOT of clicking :)

Olympic closing Schedule
I'll be closing down the Olympic Offices shortly after the Paralympics completes, so make sure to get your sets are handed in! I'll also then name the winners of the top contributors to the Beacons this time round and awarding their prizes. The Olympic Offices will remain open until 4.00 PM on the 5th of September for any last minute Flag set hand ins.

Swap Trade
Don't forget that all the Flags and Paralympics Tokens are tradeable (as are the A.I Communication Fragments) so use the CE resources at your disposal and trade them with your fellow players. Discord is a great place, enter the #trade channel and post what you need or have spare.

Why not use the Community forums. Start a thread with what you need. Lastly in game you can use the simplistic 'Buy Sell Player Adds' this is linked off the Game Info Tab, top left.

Olympic Upgrade Tokens
Once the Olympics and Paralympics are complete, and we have had a good old clean up, I will run a short program window for handing in the Upgrade Tokens. You will need a Full set of upgrade tokens (50) and follow the rules published at the time. The good news is you can mix and match the normal Coops Upgrade Tokens WITH the Olympic Upgrade tokens to make a full set. As I say this program is NOT, yet active so don't start sending your items and tokens just yet. Wait for the Post in the forums!

CE Support
Core Exiles is not cheap to run, we have two dedicated servers and adverting costs along with a host of support services to keep us up and running. We operate on the support of our players, and that's kept us going for coming into our 15th year now.

But like all things, from time to time, I have to ring the bell and remind players that it's your support that enables me to continue coding CE. I have gone back to full time CE development (as of last week) and things will start to move along at a brisker pace. But I do need your support. We are into the LAST week of August and things are a little grim over on the balance sheet in the store. So if you have a moment and a few $$ to spare, give CE a thought. We have 721 items in the Store, including Gift Certificates and Fuel Tickets. There should be something in there that will perk your interest :)

You can find the link to the CE store over on the left CE Guides Tab. If you have any questions about orders or need to clarify a purchase, I'm generally around, or you can leave me a message in Discord or in game PM.

I'm currently working my way through the current Suggestions post over on the forums, so you never know what's going to be hitting CE next! Have what's a good time with what's left of August and see you in chat!

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