Starbases - Now Live

This section covers latest updates and changes within the game. Posts here are made by the Developers and if you only read 1 Section - make it this one!
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Starbases - Now Live

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OK - only taken me 'Years' to get to this point, but I won't waffle on much. Just to say that Starbases are NOW Open for Bidding.
You will find the Starbase Licensing Directorate offices in the Follow locations.

Ethan - Darius - Sphere
Franklyn - Yeltsim - Sphere
Gainsboro - Pyragles Base - Sphere
Sunrise - Zwanziq Station - Sphere
Zarante - Berolina - The Forge
Aurelia - ARK-09 -Furnace
Blake - Lucious Port - Furnace
Kirzhach - Starbase-140 - Furnace
Pevek - Trade Hub 59 - Furnace
Metri - Janus Station - Furnace
Elmquae - Habitat-87 - Verec-per
Mostony - Edana - Verec-per
Oengo - Otaio - Verec-per
Tantas - Yonartthakr - Expanse
Yam - Sabian - Expanse

I have added offices in the Expanse to facilitate easier bidding for those who spend, long periods IN the Expanse. This does not indicate that any initial licences are for the Expanse. These will come in time but not for the foreseeable future. I have hand chosen the FIRST Licence locations and these you can find on offer in the Offices.

For those of you not bidding but interested in what's going on but don't want to keep visiting an office, you can use THIS LINK (New Window) Of course that view will also be of interest to those bidding as they can keep it open without being logged in. (it also has an auto refresh on it)

WARNING - Anyone thinking of Bidding should First read the Starbase Bidding Process post. This is also linked from inside the Starbase Licensing Directorate office.

Please don't come running to me or log a bug if you made a mistake based on what you assumed. Read the post - absorb the info and TAKE TIME to plan and look ahead. If you're a single player thinking of bidding don't even think about it unless you have 2-3 Billion to spare and a boat load of resources stashed away for once its deployed.

Bidding can now start.

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