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This section covers latest updates and changes within the game. Posts here are made by the Developers and if you only read 1 Section - make it this one!
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Starbases Loom

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OK, I know you've heard me say this a few times over the years, but hey this time it's actually true. Last month I posted about a change to starbase release on Core-Exiles. Deciding to break it down into smaller manageable chunks. Since then, I've been doing just that.

Today I have posted a Primer of sorts IN the starbase Community Forum section. This one covers a warning and the actual bidding process Stage 1.

Stage one will allow all those interested and geared up and prepared (best you can) to start bidding on licences. I have released this documentation early so that those interested have time to read and absorb some of it, make plans and NOT enter into it without a clue. Stage 1 Actual will go live in the next few days.

One thing : Please DON'T start thinking about bidding on a licence UNLESS you have all (or very nearly all) the hubs. Once the Licence bid is won the owner will have a maximum of THIRTY days to deploy! Your licence is NON-refundable and will expire after 30 days!

Those interest TAKE YOUR TIME - Read the Primer Post and absorb the info.

Starbase Licensing - Stage 1 Click HERE.

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