Flash Day Giveaways

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Flash Day Giveaways

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Yesterday I tried something new, alongside the shout I run from times to time during the week and weekends I also added a Gift Certificate Giveaway. So not only were players giving a shout @Coops for a Festive Pack, but they could also 'ask' for a Free Gift Certificate.

I handed out £80 pounds worth yesterday not bad seeing it was a pop up trial of the new incentive to go chat with your fellow captains. In fact, we had a fair few old names and new names pop into chat yesterday. Was good to catch up with some of you :)

The reason for THIS post, is simply to let you know that I will be doing this more often in the future. No I won't publicise ahead of schedule as that simply makes it a queue and not a 'chance to take part event'.

The gift certificates come as a Serial code to be used in the CE Store at any time you decide. You can save them up or give them to a friend. It's just a code and not attached to your account so DONT loose it. One of the reasons I'm popping them in to Private chats on discord as that way you can always go back to discord and find the code later.

I hope those that came into chat yesterday had a good time and those that asked for a Gift Certificate got one and have filled it away for use later :)

One Final note - Simply scroll through chat and look for the 'Block Announcements' on IF a Gift Cert offer is underway. I don't want to see dozens of 'If it's going coops I'll have one' Do the leg work, enter look and if its on you'll know :)

Happy Hunting Fellow Exiles.

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