Paragon RAID N.E.I Upgrade

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Paragon RAID N.E.I Upgrade

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Paragon RAID N.E.I Upgrade

This is an account Upgrade. It can only be applied once and works IN CONJUNCTION with having an N.E.I (Special) fitted to your ship. What does it do you ask ? Well NEI's as you well know allow you to latch on to various Anchors in the Galaxies and Jump Vast distances in the blink of an eye.

The Paragon Upgrade allows the N.E.I to locate RAID's, both Active and Destroyed and waiting Salvage!

No more trying to figure out - hmm can I get there, where is it? With this upgrade you can SEE right away if you can get there and jump right to it in a single jump!

REQUIRES AN N.E.I Fitted to Function!

This is an Account UPGRADE and not an Item, so this is NOT transferable! You may only purchase 1 Per Captain account.

You can of course show your support in the CE Store should you wish to purchase the Upgrade Directly.


P.S if you possess and USE an N.E.I you will see that I have split off the various sections of the N.E.I Anchor functions. This is because we are likely to add more to this system in 2021, so I figured I'd do that now rather than later.
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