Christmas Exchange Offices Open!

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Christmas Exchange Offices Open!

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The Christmas Exchange offices are now open. They will remain open until midnight on the 10th of January so you have plenty of time to consider what to spend your Christmas points on. Plus time to swap the exchange items with fellow players should you need to.

Starbase-51 - Feris - Sphere
Fieron - Utu - Sphere
Blake - Doshnaa VI - Furnace
Dashan - Aurelian - Furnace
Tornsul - Honiru - Verec-per
Trantor - Popovich - Anvil
Yam - Defiant - Expanse
Zarante - Olympia - The Forge

The above list is where you will find the Exchanges, and they are looking for the 'Coops Christmas Exchange Items'. We have been handing these out alongside other Festive Loots this December. Hopefully, you have been collecting them :)

Any Christmas Points that remain on your account after the 10th of January will remain there until next year so if you don't get what you want (in its entirety this year) there is always next year.

Happy Hunting

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