Festive NPC's All Change + an Idea...

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Festive NPC's All Change + an Idea...

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I meant to change these around last week, but one part of life kept getting calves off the Cooper Ice Berg after the other. Spent the last two days playing major catchup and noticed that the October Festive NPC's still had not been swapped out yet...

So once again the October festive agents pack their bag for another year and head on home whilst the November agents have now taken up residence in the settlement promenades.

Whilst off sick and otherwise dislodged from my normal crown of thorny code it struck me it might be time to bring out a new office / building for Settlements. One that allows a Settlement to choose from a series of non-festive and festive NPC's to adorn their promenades year round. During non-festive periods you could choose some specific settlement only NPC's and during the festive periods choose a specific Festive NPC (from a drop down).

I'll have a ponder on this one as will take a little sorting... but will once again give settlements another arrow in their quiver.

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