Theres a what that does what?

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Theres a what that does what?

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My time here at Core-Exiles, is taken up mostly with my head under the bonnet keeping the drive train that is the CE Universe moving as smoothly as I can. Then there is the 'thinking shit up' and getting it implemented. But almost on a daily basis I end up in a conversation with a player both new and old where they go...
err hang on there's a what that does what.. ?
Or a conversation very similar. CE is to put it bluntly HUGE for a web browser game. We have been adding content to CE for well over a Decade. So its not surprising that both new and old players have a...
Well I never knew that...
Essentially what I'm trying to say is that with so much history and additions, it's not surprising that many of you may be totally unaware of many of the 'extra add-ons and features' available to you the player. Sure they are supporter items in some cases in others these upgrades and items can also be gained from the Festive Store for festive points.

But anyway I started a thread a while back trying to begin to LIST all these in one place so players could at least get a chance to 'not miss out' or 'be the last to know' :) I've been adding to that post recently and thought I'd RE post it here to gain remind folks what's out there...

It's by NO MEANS complete, hell the CE store has over 600 items in it, so this is cherry picking the most common and often most useful items to date.


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