VIP / Store Additions

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VIP / Store Additions

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I've been working on additions to the game for both the VIP store and also the CE store. This came about from a growing list of VIP requests in both Discord and here in the community forums.

Some of these are straight forward and need very little explanation, some have an expanded intro below.

Exile Tokens for VIP Points
Festive Point Packs for VIP Points
Barter Points Packs for VIP Points
A series of Heavy Mining Drones
A series of Advanced Mining Drones
+5 Pod Points for VIP Points
50+ increments in Barge Resource Transfer Range for VIP Points (multi purchase available)


2 New Ranges of Mining Drone
These ranges extended the current ones catering for higher levels. They are available though the VIP store and will also via the CE Store.

Heavy Mining: Dragon Heavy Mining Series 1-4 these range from level 95 up to 180. They have greater mining OPH and as a bonus lower Drone Point costs. Skills ramp up with each model so check both level and skill before purchasing.

ADV Type Mining: These are the M.O.A.R Mining Drones. There are five of them (named) and extend the ADV current range of Drones. These run from level 85 up to 150 and again have scaled skill requirements, but again have a lower Drone Point Count!

I'm Still working on more adds atm so I will update this thread as I go (along with the suggestions thread that led to these additions).

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