Official CE Sales - August

This section covers latest updates and changes within the game. Posts here are made by the Developers and if you only read 1 Section - make it this one!
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Official CE Sales - August

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Time for a Change...

Time for something a little more simplistic I think. I'm trying to find a balance between Sales, Discounts, Rewards and not creating a nightmare of note taking and administration of who gets what. So I'm trying something New a streamlines Discounts process and a streamlines rewards system.

Hopefully this will make more sense for some of you that found the prior system a little confusing. I would continue to implore supporters to place their Captain name in the Box provided. Without it your order may be delayed whilst we try to figure out who you are :)

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to those of you that showed your support small or large last month.
You can find the Server WIDE rewards and lucky Dip Winner OVER HERE


Rather than confusing folks with buy one get claim one free schemes I have gone for a more encompassing 25% Discount on the following Store Sections. These items all have 25% off and as such is a major saving - linked in with the scope of the items under discount and the new Rewards, this should give everyone something to consider for supporting this month.

CE Store 25% Discounts
Ship Pods
Ship Specials
Ship Systems
Player Genesis
Player Barges
Player Buddies
Skill Packs
Captain Upgrades
Zero Point Items (CES)
Ship Upgrades
Ship Parts (SMC)

You will also find a select few extra discounts on specific items. View the Store for clarification.

You can Find the Core-Exiles Official Store OVER HERE


I have simplified the reward system as it does seem to throw a wrench into the order system and cause confusion so PLEASE read as these have changed from the usual overload of items.

Spend £10 or More & Get the following:
2,000 Fuel Ticket
1 X Festive Bonus Pack
40 X Festive Points

Spend £25 or More & Get the following:
5,000 Fuel Ticket
1 X Festive Bonus Pack
1 X Exiles Resource Token
500 X Festive Points

Spend £40 or More & Get the following:
10,000 Fuel Ticket
1 X Festive Bonus Pack
1 X Exiles Resource Token
1 X Starbase Maintenance Token

2000 X Festive Points

Spend £50 or More & Get the following:
20,000 Fuel Ticket
1 X Festive Bonus Pack
1 X Big Bertha
2 X Exiles Resource Token
2 X Starbase Maintenance Token

5,000 X Festive Points

Those intending to Purchase PLEASE READ:

Please note: ALL Bonuses above unless otherwise stated must be for the payable balance after discounts & gift certificate payments. Also note that payments made in Gift certificates are not valid for bonuses as these were / are applied when the Certificates are purchased.

This is VERY important as some players are still slightly confused and are claiming rewards after discounting their purchases, which brings them below the claim they are making. Your FINAL payment (in $ £ etc) is the actual part that counts as your 'Spend' from the words 'SPEND X£' above.

For information on the Starbase Maintenance Tokens read Over Here

Please Read HERE reference Coops Reward Tokens which are no longer being added.

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