Official CE Sales - July

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Official CE Sales - July

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July arrives and with it a massive push of sales and discounts over on the Core Exiles Store. I have to say, sadly June was our worst month on record for the last two years. I acknowledge that times are hard all round, so a MASSIVE thank you to those who found some spare funds to help support CE in June.

It's my hope we can rally somewhat this month and I can correct the direction we seem to have swerved down this last few months. I will be announcing the Monthly Life Time winner draw shortly along with awarding a Server Fuel prize for sales in June, but please give us a thought this month.

Meanwhile I have this morning added whole swathes of sales to the store in a hope of luring in a few CE nibblers :) I'm also renewing the Sales Discount Code and continuing with out long standing rewards scheme.


All you need to do is enter the Code when viewing your cart and we will apply a 15% discount on anything therein.

You can Find the Core-Exiles Official Store OVER HERE


I have added a 50% Discount sale on Ship Upgrades. These can be banked if you do not yet have the ship ready for them to be added. So you can purchase in advance and poke me for the upgrade when the ship arrives. All I need is the sales ID and the Ships #ID.

For July I'm continuing the BUY ANY ENGINE and get the SAME LEVEL FUEL TANK for FREE!!! Yes that means if you purchase the KRAKEN you will receive the TANKER completely for free!

engine.png (502.15 KiB) Viewed 332 times

Sales Added to the Following

Starter Packs
Ship Parts SMC
Skill Packs
Settlement items
Mining / Refining
Zero Point Structures
Mega Malls

All the above have been visited by the discount fairy. Grab them whilst they are on Offer these deals will NOT last for ever.

Exiles Resource Token Continued
I've decided just for July to continue to offer an Exiles Resource Token to the rewards package for every order £25.00 or more (in actual money). This will be added to your rewards package automatically when its processed. So PLEASE make it clear if the token is to go to another captain at the time of purchase in the box provided! (1 Per order).

Of course you could simply purchase the Exile Resource Token directly from the store if you wished to show your support. You can find them OVER HERE at a reduced price for July.

ERT.png (135.83 KiB) Viewed 332 times
I'm thinking we may rap the BOGOF on the head come the end of July, so this is the last time we will see this offer for a while. Make the most of it whilst it lasts!

This is Simple to follow - Buy an item in the store covered by the BOGOF offer and choose ANOTHER item from ANYWHERE in the sections covered by the BOGOF. You cannot choose anything higher in value and you cannot willy nilly choose items NOT in the BOGOF offer!

All Pods
All Specials
Ship Upgrades
All Genesis Facilities
Mega Malls
Mining Barge Upgrades
The Entire Settlement Section
Zero Structure Points
Expanse Extractors
Corporation Facilities
Skill Packs

As always I'm offering REWARDS for purchases over certain values.

Please NOTE: For the items like C.E.S. Extractors, Bio Implant Module and skill packs, you will need to LET ME KNOW what you want. I will not choose for you. Either add the request in the captains box provided when checking out, or drop me a line with the order Number and what you want after.


Spend £10 or More & Get the following:
2K Fuel Ticket
1 Month Premium Account
Festive Bonus Pack
20 X Festive Tokens
10 X 30% Booster Pack

Spend £20 or More & Get the following:
5K Fuel Ticket
1 Month Premium Account
1 X C.E.S Extractor
Festive Bonus Pack
20 X Festive Tokens
10 X 30% Booster Pack

Spend £30 or More & Get the following:
10K Fuel Ticket
2 Month Premium Account
1 X C.E.S Extractor
1 X Bio Implant Module
1 X 50 Point Skill Pack (Excl Alien Packs)
Festive Bonus Pack
20 X Festive Tokens
10 X 30% Booster Pack
1 X Exiles Resource Token
1 X Factory - ANY Factory Choice!

Spend £40 or More & Get the following:
20K Fuel Ticket
3 Month Premium Account
1 X C.E.S Extractor
2 X Bio Implant Module
2 X 50 Point Skill Pack (Excl Alien Packs)
Festive Bonus Pack
20 X Festive Tokens
10 X 30% Booster Pack
1 X Exiles Resource Token
1 X Factory - ANY Factory your Choice!
1 X Mega Mall - ANY Mega Mall your Choice!

Those intending to Purchase PLEASE READ:

Please note: ALL Bonuses above unless otherwise stated must be for the payable balance after discounts & gift certificate payments. Also note that payments made in Gift certificates are not valid for bonuses as these were / are applied when the Certificates are purchased.

This is VERY important as some players are still slightly confused and are claiming rewards after discounting their purchases, which brings them below the claim they are making. Your FINAL payment (in $ £ etc) is the actual part that counts as your 'Spend' from the words 'SPEND X£' above.

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