Christmas Resource Token - Rename

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Christmas Resource Token - Rename

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The Christmas Resource Token has been with us for a number of years. Originally added just for December, then expanded to incorporate November, December and for the last few years I had my arm twisted to expand them in October! lol

Back in December of last year I decided enough was enough and released the lock on when you could spend the Tokens. (again players asking me to extended it beyond January). It started to feel less like a Christmas Token and more a General Token.

So now....

I've renamed the Christmas Resource Token to the 'Exile Resource Token'. You can obtain these ALL YEAR ROUND via competition rewards and Store Purchases. You can of course Spend / Trade them any time all year round.

I have changed the link from the CE Guides Tab to read 'Exiles RT.S' Standing for Exiles Resource Token Service. It operates TOTALLY the same.

Because these are now available to collect all year round I have set the value of a E.R.T to 3.5million. This is a permanent price and WILL NOT change. There will be no November Challenge where the value is linked to effort. The price is now set in stone.

As mentioned I will be adding these as prizes and rewards for various comps during the year and of course you can Purchase them (at a now reduced price) from the CE STORE

Note if purchasing them from the CE Store you will NOT be able to use the discount code with these in your basket. These are classified as a Support Item'. The warning is also stamped on the bottom of the Store post.

So for those skim reading Christmas Resource Token - Renamed to Exiles Resource Token.

To also be clear these are the SAME items as before, so if you already had C.R.T's on your account they will still be there just now called E.R.T's :)

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